Thursday, February 2, 2012

Using PowerPoint 2010 themes in SharePoint 2010 In 6 Easy Steps

Creating your own theme for SharePoint 2010 used to be similar to dark alchemy, so one of the things that I thought I would share with you is how easy it is to create your own theme for SharePoint 2010 just using PowerPoint 2010.

1. Choose which theme to apply to your PowerPoint presentation

2. Save as a .thmx file

3. In SharePoint navigate to Site Settings -> Site Theme and then at the top of the page choose Theme Gallery

4. Click ‘Add New Item’ and then browse to where you saved your theme

5. Now Click OK and Save

6. Then navigate back to Site Settings -> Site Theme and your new theme will be available to choose and apply

You can from here apply more tweaks until you are happy with your new colour scheme.

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