Friday, June 8, 2012

Sharepoint Server - Upgrade Standalone to Farmserver

Take a backup of your Database, sites and your all web application’s Virtual directory .
1.      Go to Registry Editor:
·         Go to Registry Editor
·         Select HKEY LOCAL MACHINE
·         Select Software
·         Select Microsoft
·         Select Shared Tools
·         Select Web Server Extension
·         Select 14.0
·         Select WSS
·         On WSS select Server Role Right Click and modify Value Data as “APPLICATION”

2.      Go to Central Administration Run Configuration Wizard
·         Choose disconnect from the Server Farm
·         Configuration Success

3.      Install Two HotFix

Note: Before you install this hotfix If you decide to install this hotfix, please note the following items: Do not deploy a hotfix in a production environment without first testing the hotfix. Back up the system or the computer that will receive the hotfix before you install the hotfix.

·         Once the download is complete run the self-extracting file & then run the extracted file so as to install the Sharepoint 2010 Patch.
·         Restart the server once the installation is complete.
·         Furthermore, run the Configuration Wizard as earlier & follow the on-screen instructions.
·         Select the option to create a “New Farm”.
·         Then, provide the New Full SQL Server Instance details : “Computername\SqlServerInstance”
·         Database : SharePoint_Config
·         Account : “DomainName\Username”
·         Afterwards select the option to provision Central Administration Site stating that this machine will host the said site.
·         Once the wizard completes all the steps successfully it will open the Central Administration Site.
·         Cancel the configuration wizard in the browser which appears.
·         Furthermore, Create a New Web Application on Port 80 with a temporary database.
·         Then detach the database by opening Manage content databases under Application Management for SharePoint – 80 Web Application.
·         Restore the backedup database “WSS_Content” to the New Full SQL Server Instance
·         After which, open SharePoint 2010 Management Shell as an Administrator.
·         stsadm -o addcontentdb -url “Url”-databasename WSS_Content

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  1. does it work to convert from application to standalone?


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